Vital O2 LUX


Vital-O2 Lux

Stand out from the competition and offer your clients an experience they’ll never forget…

Vital•O2 Lux oxygen therapy treatments will leave your clients feeling exceptionally refreshed and relaxed.
Most importantly, the results will be impressive!

Oxygen reduces the appearance of signs of ageing, allowing your clients to enjoy younger, firmer, smoother, hydrated and more radiant skin… all thanks to Vital•O2 Lux!

• It offers an unforgettable sensation and yields visible results after only one treatment. Your clients will be back for more!
• It produces its own oxygen supply and requires almost no maintenance.
• You also get access to excellent after-sales service and professional advice you can rely on for complete peace of mind. Your guarantee to success!

Micro-Oxygen (when connected to Vitapeel or Compactpeel)
95-98 % pure oxygen
Oxygen compressor
2 pressure levels (low and high)
Specific link that makes it possible to
interconnect the Vital•O2 Lux with the
VitaPeel or CompactPeel (Micro-Oxygen) Electronic Circuit
Connectors for VitaPhase® dermaphasic
devices (  optional  devices)

Easy-care keyboard

MonoJet applicator nozzle
MultiJet applicator nozzle   optional 
Disposable nozzle caps in three sizes
VitaPhase LT•O2 device
Inhalation masks
Set of endocosmetic products
Practical holder for products and VitaPhase devices
Advertising material
Two (2) year warranty
Meso-Oxygen MultiJet applicator nozzle for body application   optional* 

But What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy: Using the Vital O2 LUX that provides pure oxygen at high pressure, this technique drives active serums into the deepest layers of the skin. It stimulates cellular renewal, deeply nourishes the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and slows the ageing process. This treatment is used by many Hollywood stars. A facial
treatment is also included.

Oxygen also helps to support the immune system reducing inflamed and irritated skin. It can be applied topically where an oxygen bubble is placed over the skin to bathe the area for 30 minutes. It can also be a concentrated airbrush-like stream of high-quality Oxygen can be combined with VitaMine fortified vitamin complex to nourish and supplement the skin with the vitamins your skin needs while at its optimal health.

We suggest combining it with our NEW 2G LT attachment to get the very best results possible out of an oxygen facial. 

Oxygen and Light Therapy has no contraindications.

2G Light Therapy


The Vita-Sensa 2G LT is the most versatile beauty option since it provides treatment for many facial skin problems: redness, acne, wrinkles, loss of firmness and dull complexion. It differs from the other devices on the market because it offers 3 colours on the same device as well as the possibility of combining 2 colours at a time. Each colour penetrates the skin at a specific depth and generates distinct effects. The blue colour produces a purifying effect on the sebaceous glands and acne, the green colour reduces the aspect of redness caused by broken capillaries while red diminishes the signs of ageing. It can easily be combined with products for an excellent home-care package.