Verdeoasi Natural Cosmetics Range

Meaning ‘Green Oasis’, Verdeoasi has earned its name because it really is green. It’s simply not a marketing strategy intended to meet demand for organic, eco-compatible and natural products. Verdeoasi’s active ingredients are naturally similar to the skin, so the risk of allergies is minimal. In its 15 years on the market, the number of allergy cases recorded is ZERO!
Verdeoasi can say it has:
  • No petroleum jelly or paraffin
  • Cosmetic-pharmaceutical grade natural raw materials
  • Certified origin of raw materials
  • Environmentally conscious production methods and product formation techniques.
  • Natural and innovative stem cells, which supplement the skin with the nourishment it needs to thrive in today’s pollutant saturated atmosphere.
  • A product range that satisfies all needs and skin types.
Available exclusively to professional spas & clinics. Read more about the products here! Contact us for technical sheets.
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