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Totalcare is an Irish owned company

Attempt 3Our training centre is partnered with Académie Dectro: International manufactures of Apilus Equipment and Medical Aesthetics, Cos-Medico International and Arcocere Depilation Range.

Our students have the privilege of receiving highly reputable education using the most advanced techniques, therefore opening the door to a very promising career.

Since 1983, Dympna Fitzgerald has devoted herself to treating Permanent Hair Removal and Aesthetic Care. We aim to help people regain the self-confidence lost with embarrassing conditions. Not only that but she has opened up Clinics, Training schools and our Distribution centre to help and teach others. Furthermore, she has now Académie Totalcare Ireland- the 1st school in Ireland using the Académie Dectro/ AEA curriculum.

Awards: 2015

Dermal Papilla- Trophy of Global Distinction.

Dympna has received the Dermal Papilla Award for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of Electrology profession on a Global Scale. Dympna is a person who has dedicated her professional life to the development of the electrolysis profession using her brilliant acumen, indent able personal touch and by her outstanding contribution to the development of the International Electrolysis Market.


Dympna and her team are experts in their fields and fully knowledgeable and passionate about their work and share their knowledge with ease and enthusiasm.


Thanks to our exclusive distribution agreements Totalcare can provide students, therapists and salon owners with the most advanced technologies available.

  • Apilus
  • Apilux new generation APL
  • Angie- Cutaneous Correction
  • M3 Innovative Aesthetic Beauty Solutions #aestheticsreborn
  • Vital Aesthetic systems- Light Therapy Attachments, Vitapeel ION Crystal Microdermabrasion and Vital O2 Pure Oxygen Unit.


  1. Recognised within the industry AEA, American Electrolysis Association and APESEQ of Quebec.
  2. Cutting-edge, innovative and up-to-date technology
  3. Learning on the most advanced equipment and up-skilling your career
  4. Modern Facility and Pleasant Atmosphere
  5. Small groups allowing personalised and attentive training.
  6. Continuous after-sales support and training.

Does a career in Electrolysis and Medical aesthetics appeal to you? Contact us!
Académie Totalcare is delighted to welcome students from Ireland and Europe. We train with complete courses, Masterclasses or upgrading/refreshing your skills. You will benefit from our expertise. Académie Trainings

Totalcare Clinics

Where you get treated by our Professional Académie Trained Therapists, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We listen to your needs and expectations and offer a treatment programme to suit your individual needs. A warm welcome awaits you in the strictest of confidence. See Your Nearest Totalcare.


Totalcare Distribution brings the most up to date products equipment and training just for you. Next day delivery is available nationwide. We support our salons and offer equipment servicing on all our ranges. Distribution Product Range