Verdeoasi Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil with Omega 3/6 for Stretch Marks and Firming

16 May 2019

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100% organic, cold-pressed almond oil with added Omega 3 & 6, formulated for firming and stretch marks. What’s not to love?

A pioneering formula, with a pleasant fragrance and light, non-greasy texture makes this product unique of its kind. The Almond Oil, made by cold-pressing the almonds and without the use of chemical solvents maintains the extraordinary vitaminic and lipidic properties of the almonds intact, moisturising the skin in depth, making it feel toned and healthy. In addition, thanks to the Omega 3-6, Elasticising Oil helps to regenerate tissue by protecting and repairing it from external aggression. This excellent product with a pleasant fragrance and emollient and nourishing properties, this is the ideal solution for preventing and intensively treating stretch marks. Thanks to its natural ingredients it’s perfect for mothers-to-be. Ensures the skin gets in-depth nourishment to make it feel supple, toned and compact.

Active ingredients: Almond Oil, Omega 3-6.

Product Code: V982
Size: 200 ml
RRP: €34.50