Elisir Day & Night Cellulite Removal Concentrate

17 May 2019

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Elixir is formulated with concentré coralline™ and has a biorhythmic (works with your body’s natural cycle) slimming action. After years of research, finally a spectacular, ultra-performing formulation, a total innovation in the world of cosmetics that promotes “intelligent slimming” for cellulite and fat pockets. Thanks to the active ingredient Concentré Coralline™ that adapts to the biorhythm of the adipocytes (fat cells), this magnificent product for the day acts as a lipolytic concentrate that reduces the fat of the adipose cells, while during the night it becomes a nocturnal elixir that limits lipogenesis (the formation of fats), while stimulating the synthesis of collagen. Furthermore, Organic Silicon acts in synergy with the Concentré Coralline™ intensifying the lipolytic action and the regeneration of connective tissue, thereby promoting the reduction of “orange peel” skin and the disappearance of stretch marks. Incredible results on cellulite, and stubborn pockets of fat that need a little extra help to disappear. Targeted studies have demonstrated that the constant use of the product visibly slims the silhouette, making the skin more compact and smoother. N.B. petrolate-free formula.

Elixir Cellulite Removal Concentrate

Active ingredients: Concentré Coralline™, Organic Silicon.

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