Permanent Hair Reduction (IPL/APL)

APL Machines

Apilux Smart Pur II

  • Dual IPL (PhotoEpilation and Photo Rejuvenation) and APL (Alternative Multi-Pulse Flash Technology
  • 420 to 1200nm wavelength
  • Removable flash lamp cartridge
  • Micro-Pulses: 4 – 6 per flash and Duration of 2 – 6ms
  • Profile management with the ability to create 5 user profiles

Apilux 3G

Apilux 3G

For superior photo epilation treatments, the Apilux 3G is the perfect device. More complete and more powerful than any other system on the market, the Apilux 3G offers quick, lasting and comfortable results. The Canadian-designed technology of the Apilux 3G is based on a high-performance optical technology called APL, an improved IPL technology. The device emits an intense alternating pulsed light, which effectively and safely provides for the needs of any type of clientele.

  • Hair Removal 640-1200nm
  • Skin Rejuvenation 530-1200nm
  • 8’’ quick response colour touchscreen
  • Photoepilation, Photorejuvenation, Wrinkles, Vascular lesions, Pigmented lesions, Acne (Optional), Photoepilation on dark skin (Optional)
  • Improved Ventilation with a 2x improved cooling system
  • Predefined and Customisable Settings for Men & Women