For Immediate Sale UPDATED

Updated 20th May 2019. Contact us for updated information and prices.

M3 Compact DEMO

From our own training school in Nenagh. Exceptional condition and comes with a warranty. Significant reduction off RRP. Must be seen!

Call us on 067 42919 for more information and price. 

 Zoner Anti-Age Trilogy Device DEMO

A fabulous machine that will delight any client. Radio Frequency, Mesotherapy and Infra-Red machine. Reduced to clear!


Senior II  SOLD

Second Hand. Serviced with a new motherboard and 1-year Dectro warranty (Valid until September 2019).

Call (067) 42 919 for further information and price


Apilus Xcell PRO DEMO

Demonstration unit. One year old. Comes with a limited warranty (18 months board, 30-day accessories). 

Call +3536742919 for further information and price.


 Angie Thermocoagulation Device SOLD (More on the way)

Demonstration unit. Significant reduction off RRP. Advanced post-graduate training available. 


Vitapeel Crystal Microdermabrasion devices. 

Serviced and refurbished. Significant reduction off RRP. Call or email for information and pricing.



 Sinekron Star DEMO

A demonstration unit that was never taken out of the box. Reduced to clear!

 Le Fruttose Home Waxing Kits

Overstock clearance. Strawberry flavoured. Water-soluble wax allowing the client to wash off the wax in case of an emergency ;). Significant bulk discounts can apply. Limited stock. Call +353 (0) 67 42919 for prices, brochures and information.


 Linfopress Pressotherapy device

Second-hand device. Reduced significantly to clear. Call us or email for price and information.

 Apilux 2G PRO APL & Electrolysis Device DEMO

An upgrade on laser technology. Treats numerous conditions like pigmentation, acne as well as permanent hair reduction. Has a Senior II electrolysis machine in-built in the device which allows you to permanently remove the hair that cannot be removed by APL/ Laser. Recently serviced. Call us for information and price.