Apilus Senior II 3G

Apilus Senior II 3G The Complete Solution

The Apilus Senior 3G is the quickest, the most
power ful and the most comfor table 13,56 MHz
technology on the market. It integrates the exclusive
iMM-Pac option and offers more than 10 treatment
modalities as well as 1080 programs, allowing to adapt
to all situations. Its high performance and versatility makes it the most popular electrolysis device in the world.


  • High performance circuit (25% more powerful than the Junior 3G)
  • Radio frequency 13.56 MHz hundredths (sec) thousandths (sec)
  • Superior comfort level
  • Treatment modalities : Thermolyse, Flash, Blend, OmniBlend, Electrolysis, Anaphoresis, Cataphoresis, Thermocoagulation
  • Additional treatment modalities : MicroFlash, MultiPlex, MultiBlend
  • iMM-Pac technology including 2 exclusive modalities (MultiPlex and MultiBlend), a series of programs for insulated probes and a proportional pulsing function with variable delay.
  • Hair removal programs classified by modality, body area, hair type and probe type (insulated or non-insulated) allowing an unparalleled efficiency and ease of use. 1080 programs
  • Possibility to create 60 customized programs
  • Cataphoresis programs for customized post-epilatory care
  • Unique tolerance test for more comfortable Blend treatments
  • Skin moisture sensor
  • Meso-ionization function for specialized beauty treatments
  • Connection for VitaPhase devices to perform various beauty treatments
  • “Processor Sentinel” protection circuit
  • UL key to calculate units of lye
  • Thermolysis “?L” energy level key
  • Automatic mode for operation without footswitch
  • Accessory test
  • Treatment management software with cumulative income statements
  • Insertion counter that compiles the number of treated hairs and cumulative treatment time
  • 2 probeholder connectors

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