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The Gentle Way To 100% Permanent Hair Removal. Meets International Medical Standards and Approved by World-Leading Organisations in the field including the AEA. Available in 27 & 13.56 Mhz. An investment your salon & clients will never regret! Training, services, accessories and consumables are only available through us for the island of Ireland. 

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Apilus xCell


  • 27.12MHz More powerful and comfortable than ever before
  • Modes: PicoFlash, MultiFlash, MeloFlash, Synchro, OmniBlend, MultiBlend
  • User-friendly programs – Gender, Body Area, Hair Size, Probe Type
  • Treatment management software with statistics
  • Artificial Intelligence- setting a new industry standard




Senior 3G


  • 13.56MHz The quickest, most powerful and most comfortable technology in its range
  • Modes: Flash, MicroFlash, MultiPlex, Blend, OmniBlend, MultiBlend
  • Optimized programs classified by body area, hair size and probe type
  • Offers Anaphoresis, Cataphoresis
  • Optional Vitaphase devices connection for aesthetic care
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Junior 3G


  • 13.56MHz The perfect introduction to electrology
  • Modes: Flash, Blend, OmniBlend, Electrolysis
  • Easy-care soft touch keyboard for simplicity of use
  • Offers Thermocoagulation, Anaphoresis, Cataphoresis
  • Optional Vitaphase devices connection for aesthetic care





We have a cross-reference-chart which you can look at for a quick comparison. However, please note the Platinum Pure is discontinued.


Pro-Tec Electrolysis ProbesThermolysis

  • Oval-shaped MicroGard tip for smoothest insertions
  • Prevents the probe from piercing the follicule
  • Durable medical-grade Teflon insulation (IsoGard and IsoBlend)
  • Variety of sizes. colour coded – sterile and individually wrapped
  • The only probes designed for Apilus ® technology.
  • Read More here!

APL Machines

Apilux Smart Pur II

  • Dual IPL (PhotoEpilation and Photo Rejuvenation) and APL (Alternative Multi-Pulse Flash Technology
  • 420 to 1200nm wavelength
  • Removable flash lamp cartridge
  • Micro-Pulses: 4 – 6 per flash and Duration of 2 – 6ms
  • Profile management with the ability to create 5 user profiles

Apilux 3G

Apilux 3GFor superior photo epilation treatments, the Apilux 3G is the perfect device. More complete and more powerful than any other system on the market, the Apilux 3G offers quick, lasting and comfortable results. The Canadian-designed technology of the Apilux 3G is based on a high-performance optical technology called APL, an improved IPL technology. The device emits an intense alternating pulsed light, which effectively and safely provides for the needs of any type of clientele.

  • Hair Removal 640-1200nm
  • Skin Rejuvenation 530-1200nm
  • 8’’ quick response colour touchscreen
  • Photoepilation, Photorejuvenation, Wrinkles, Vascular lesions, Pigmented lesions, Acne (Optional), Photoepilation on dark skin (Optional)
  • Improved Ventilation with a 2x improved cooling system
  • Predefined and Customisable Settings for Men & Women

Aesthetic Equipment

M3 #aestheticsreborn

  • Mesotherapy is a way of bringing ampoules into the skin without the need for needles. We have different ampoules to treat different conditions from Anti-Aging to Cellulite to Pigmentation to Lifting and so much more!
  • Radiofrequency is a pleasant heat treatment that builds up the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin. This gives the skin a plumper and glowing complexion; in a completely natural way.
  • Oxybrasion is a concentrated airbrush of high quality Oxygen. This can be combined with either a Saline Solution or our Action De Gala Fortified Vitamin Complex, which helps to nourish, moisturise and re-balance the skin.
  • Ultrasounds uses positive polarity to draw the Action De Gala products deeper into the skin to give an effective anti-ageing treatment.
  • Ultrasound Liposuction uses an alternating ultrasound current to break up stubborn lipidic cells; this is then combined with Infra-Red heat to melt the fat cells. Infra-Red can be used by itself as a topical analgesic treatment. People who suffer from muscle cramping/ sore backs. necks, etc. find a treatment as effective as being out in the sun- something we lack in Ireland!
  • Dermomassager is a vacuum used after the Ultrasound Liposuction to bring the melted fat to the lymph nodes which allows it to be excreted/ respired in the body’s natural way.
  • Cavitation Peeling– An ultrasound spatula that acts like a power-hose to the skin. It clears blocked pores, provides a deep clean and leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth to the touch.
  • Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion– Using a variety of different settings, we can gently remove the dead layer of cells from your epidermis. The diamond-tip heads are suitable for all skin types and there are different intensities for face and body.
  • Find out more here!



  • Unique 13.56MHz Thermocoagulation and Permanent Hair Removal System (optional)
  • Offers 3 modes of imperfection treatments – Redness, Imperfections, Pigmentation
  • Offers 24 Thermocoagulation programs for imperfections and skin type
  • Optional 24 programs for permanent hair removal
  • Cataphoresis mode to sooth the skin

Vitalymph- Pressotherapy Device

  • Activates natural lymphatic and blood circulation
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins and cellulite
  • Prevents the appearance of varicose veins
  • Soothes heaviness in the legs and oedema
  • Oxygenates tissues
  • Accelerates metabolic reactions
  • Gives a sensation of lightness and wellbeing
  • Read more here!

Vital 02 Lux

  • Unique Pure Oxygen Technology
  • Generates 95 – 98% pure oxygen
  • Needle-free injection process (Meso-oxygen therapy)
  • Simultaneous oxygen stream with light therapy – Red, Green, Blue
  • 2 connections for Vitaphase devices for aesthetic care
  • Read more here!

VitaPeel Microdermabrasion


      • Two independent phases – Vacuum and Microdermabrasion
      • DryFlo anti moisture system to prevent blockages
      • CristalVac anti-residue system to remove crystals remaining on the skin
      • Two motors and Four pumps for effective microdermabrasion
      • Sterile disposable nozzle caps


Vitalift Unit

      • Offers 9 programs and 4 modes of treatment
      • Facial drainage, Specific stimulation, Automatic stimulation and iontophoresis
      • Practical automatic mode to stimulate 8 different muscles at the same time
      • Effective pulsed microcurrent with no polarization effect
      • 6 pre-programmed facial areas – forehead, cheeks, eyes, lips, chin, neck

Compact Peel

Compact Peel Image

      • Two independent operated phases – Vacuum and Microdermabrasion
      • Dry-Flo anti moisture system to prevent blockage
      • CrystalVac anti-residue system to remove crystals remaining on the skin
      • Sterile disposable nozzle caps
      • Wear-resistant titanium hand piece

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