Aesthetic Equipment

Aesthetic Equipment

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  • Mesotherapy is a way of bringing ampoules into the skin without the need for needles. We have different ampoules to treat different conditions from Anti-Aging to Cellulite to Pigmentation to Lifting and so much more!
  • Radiofrequency is a pleasant heat treatment that builds up the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin. This gives the skin a plumper and glowing complexion; in a completely natural way.
  • Oxybrasion is a concentrated airbrush of high quality Oxygen. This can be combined with either a Saline Solution or our Action De Gala Fortified Vitamin Complex, which helps to nourish, moisturise and re-balance the skin.
  • Ultrasounds uses positive polarity to draw the Action De Gala products deeper into the skin to give an effective anti-ageing treatment.
  • Ultrasound Liposuction uses an alternating ultrasound current to break up stubborn lipidic cells; this is then combined with Infra-Red heat to melt the fat cells. Infra-Red can be used by itself as a topical analgesic treatment. People who suffer from muscle cramping/ sore backs. necks, etc. find a treatment as effective as being out in the sun- something we lack in Ireland!
  • Dermomassager is a vacuum used after the Ultrasound Liposuction to bring the melted fat to the lymph nodes which allows it to be excreted/ respired in the body’s natural way.
  • Cavitation Peeling– An ultrasound spatula that acts like a power-hose to the skin. It clears blocked pores, provides a deep clean and leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth to the touch.
  • Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion– Using a variety of different settings, we can gently remove the dead layer of cells from your epidermis. The diamond-tip heads are suitable for all skin types and there are different intensities for face and body.
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  • Unique 13.56MHz Thermocoagulation and Permanent Hair Removal System (optional)
  • Offers 3 modes of imperfection treatments – Redness, Imperfections, Pigmentation
  • Offers 24 Thermocoagulation programs for imperfections and skin type
  • Optional 24 programs for permanent hair removal
  • Cataphoresis mode to sooth the skin

Vitalymph- Pressotherapy Device

  • Activates natural lymphatic and blood circulation
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins and cellulite
  • Prevents the appearance of varicose veins
  • Soothes heaviness in the legs and oedema
  • Oxygenates tissues
  • Accelerates metabolic reactions
  • Gives a sensation of lightness and wellbeing
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Vital 02 Lux

  • Unique Pure Oxygen Technology
  • Generates 95 – 98% pure oxygen
  • Needle-free injection process (Meso-oxygen therapy)
  • Simultaneous oxygen stream with light therapy – Red, Green, Blue
  • 2 connections for Vitaphase devices for aesthetic care
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VitaPeel Microdermabrasion


      • Two independent phases – Vacuum and Microdermabrasion
      • DryFlo anti moisture system to prevent blockages
      • CristalVac anti-residue system to remove crystals remaining on the skin
      • Two motors and Four pumps for effective microdermabrasion
      • Sterile disposable nozzle caps


Vitalift Unit

      • Offers 9 programs and 4 modes of treatment
      • Facial drainage, Specific stimulation, Automatic stimulation and iontophoresis
      • Practical automatic mode to stimulate 8 different muscles at the same time
      • Effective pulsed microcurrent with no polarization effect
      • 6 pre-programmed facial areas – forehead, cheeks, eyes, lips, chin, neck

Compact Peel

Compact Peel Image

      • Two independent operated phases – Vacuum and Microdermabrasion
      • Dry-Flo anti moisture system to prevent blockage
      • CrystalVac anti-residue system to remove crystals remaining on the skin
      • Sterile disposable nozzle caps
      • Wear-resistant titanium hand piece