Pro-Tec Probes

A high-end line of electroepilation and thermocoagulation probes

The creators of the Pro-Tec line of electroepilation and thermocoagulation probes were guided by one singular obsession — your peace of mind, and that of your client.

The peace of mind that comes from the oval-shaped MicroGard tip that ensures the smoothest possible insertions, prevents the probe from piercing the follicle, and provides optimal resistance when the base of the hair is reached.

SecurGard, the individual packaging system that guarantees that each unopened probe remains sterile for five full years offers peace of mind. These probes are the only ones purpose built for Apilus and Angie equipment and highly recommended for their optimal results.

Protec Stainless Steel Probes: This is the basic probe which is uninsulated so you can’t target any specific area in the follicle. Recommended if someone has lots of keratin in the follicle.

Protec IsoGuard: These probes are almost fully insulated, only the tip remains uncovered. This increases the effectiveness of each insertion and allows you to reduce the setting, making the whole process much more comfortable for the client. The insulation also provides surface protection against reactions, which can occur when the current touches the client’s skin. These specific probes are ideal for thermolysis and are used for shallow hairs.

Protec IsoBlend: These probes are half insulated and are perfect for stronger, deeper hairs. They are ideal for thermolysis and blend. They also provide surface protection and again are much more comfortable for the client.

All probes come in a range of sizes from F1 to F5, F1 and F2 being the most popular.

Two-piece isulated probes specially designed to treat telangiectasias, cherry angiomas, skin tags, milia, etc. They are disposable, sterile and individually wrapped.


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