Equipment Range

Electrolysis Machines

Apilus X-Cell

  • 27.12MHz More powerful and comfortable than ever before
  • Modes: PicoFlash, MultiFlash, MeloFlash, Synchro, OmniBlend, MultiBlend
  • User friendly programs – Gender, Body Area, Hair Size, Probe Type
  • Treatment management software with statistics
  • Artificial Intelligence- setting a new industry standard




  • The Gentle Way To 100% Permanent Hair Removal
  • Meets International Medical Standards
  • Approved by World-Leading Organisations in the field including the AEA
  • Available in 27 & 13.56 MhZ
  • An investment your salon & clients will never regret!

Senior 3G

  • 13.56MHz The quickest, most powerful and most comfortable technology in its range
  • Modes: Flash, MicroFlash, MultiPlex, Blend, OmniBlend, MultiBlend
  • Optimized programs classified by body area, hair size and probe type
  • Offers Anaphoresis, Cataphoresis
  • Optional Vitaphase devices connection for aesthetic care



Junior 3G

  • 13.56MHz The perfect introduction to electrology
  • Modes: Flash, Blend, OmniBlend, Electrolysis
  • Easy-care soft touch keyboard for simplicity of use
  • Offers Thermocoagulation, Anaphoresis, Cataphoresis
  • Optional Vitaphase devices connection for aesthetic care




Apilus Platinum Pure

  • 27MHz State of the art technology
  • Modes: PicoFlash, MultiPlex, OmniBlend™, MultiBlend™, Electrolysis™
  • Swift and concentrated treatment for comfort
  • 1100 programs covering each body area
  • Offers Thermocoagulation, Meso-Ionization, Anaphoresis, Cataphoresis

Pro-Tec Electrolysis Probes

  • Oval-shaped MicroGard tip for smoothest insertions
  • Prevents the probe from piercing the follicule
  • Durable medical-grade Teflon insulation (IsoGard and IsoBlend)
  • Variety of sizes. colour coded – sterile and individually wrapped
  • The only probes designed for Apilus ® technology.

IPL Machines

IPL Apilux Smart Pur

  • Dual IPL (PhotoEpilation and Photo Rejuvenation) and APL (Alternative Multi-Pulse Flash Technology
  • 420 to 1200nm wavelength
  • Removable flash lamp cartridge
  • Micro-Pulses: 4 – 6 per flash and Duration of 2 – 6ms
  • Profile management with the ability to create 5 user profiles

Aesthetic Equipment

Vital 02 Lux

  • Unique Pure Oxygen Technology
  • Generates 95 – 98% pure oxygen
  • Needle-free injection process (Meso-oxygen therapy)
  • Simultaneous oxygen stream with light therapy – Red, Green, Blue
  • 2 connections for Vitaphase devices for aesthetic care

Compact Peel

  • Two independent operated phases – Vacuum and Microdermabrasion
  • Dry-Flo anti moisture system to prevent blockage
  • CrystalVac anti-residue system to remove crystals remaining on the skin
  • Sterile disposable nozzle caps
  • Wear-resistant titanium hand piece


  • Offers 9 programs and 4 modes of treatment
  • Facial drainage, Specific stimulation, Automatic stimulation and iontophoresis
  • Practical automatic mode to stimulate 8 different muscles at the same time
  • Effective pulsed microcurrent with no polarization effect
  • 6 pre-programmed facial areas – forehead, cheeks, eyes, lips, chin, neck

VitaPeel Microdermabrasion

  • Two independent phases – Vacuum and Microdermabrasion
  • DryFlo anti moisture system to prevent blockages
  • CristalVac anti-residue system to remove crystals remaining on the skin
  • Two motors and Four pumps for effective microdermabrasion
  • Sterile disposable nozzle caps


  • Unique 13.56MHz Thermocoagulation and Permanent Hair Removal System (optional)
  • Offers 3 modes of imperfection treatments – Redness, Imperfections, Pigmentation
  • Offers 24 Thermocoagulation programs for imperfections and skin type
  • Offers 24 programs for permanent hair removal
  • Offers Cataphoresis mode to sooth the skin


  • Advanced light therapy system with 3 modes, red, green, blue
  • Stimulomassage mode with microcurrent
  • Ionomassage mode with transcutaneous infusion
  • 2 Vitaphase connections can be activated simultaneously
  • Easy-care soft touch keyboard for simplicity of use


  • Radio Lift – pleasant heat to stimulate production of new collagen to combat signs of skin aging
  • Radio Frequency can be used on all skin types
  • BioStim Cell (infra-red) natural alternative to Botox
  • Mesoporation introduces specially designed natural products directly into the skin cells
  • Anti Aging, Acne, Pigmentation, Cellulite Reduction and Skin firming

Skin Care – Action De Gala

  • Unique blend of formulas rich in plant extracts
  • Ideal for Men and Women – visibly reduces signs of aging
  • Designed in Canada by skin specialists in animal free testing laboratories
  • Provides remarkable results and long term effects
  • Ionizable products for optimal results
  • Arcocere Professional Depilation Range
  • Offers Liposoluble, Watersoluble, Hot and Sugar Paste waxes and many accessories
  • Easy application with no residue left on removal
  • Choice of strip wax, hot wax and luxury wax
  • Allergy Free Wax for sensitive skin and pregnant women
  • 100% rosin & paraben free