Arcocere Waxing

Arcocerearco image was founded in 1980 in Bergamo, Italy. They specialize in the highest quality products available at only the best of prices. Arco Cosmetici has imposed itself on national and international markets and partnered with Totalcare and Académie Totalcare we wish to distinguish ourselves from our Irish competitors for the ‘creativity’ used in offering professional natural cosmetics for the Beauty & Spa Industries.

They offer a complete line consisting of all the necessary for a perfect hair removal. It offers different types of depilatory wax: liposoluble, water-soluble, hot wax, sugar paste using only the essence of raw natural ingredients and many accessories to fulfil the needs of the salon, spa, therapist and client.

The products are sought after by the most demanding and cultured beauty professionals who are sensitive to the values of the environment and their clients.

For more information please download the brochure or call Totalcare on (061) 62 00 00