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Xcell ProTotalcare is proud to introduce our latest and most improved Permanent Hair Removal Machine!

You challenged us. This is our response. Apilus xCell sets a new standard in the field of permanent hair removal by raising the efficiency, speed and comfort of its predecessors to a whole new level.

Artificial intelligence, 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency, increased power and sophisticated design all add up to give you a perfect combination of usability and performance.

Moreover, the exclusive and patented Apilus xCell techniques, combined with new programs specially optimized for men and women, will be your best allies in achieving 100% permanent hair removal in record time! Discover today a unique technology that will allow you to exceed the limits of your profession.

Reach for excellence with Apilus XCell 27.12 MHz!

To see a video of this machine please visit the below link:


If today’s electrolysis is efficient, rapid and very comfortable, it’s surely thanks to the unique 27.12 MHz radio frequency of Apilus. Apilus xCell propels this technology to even greater heights by combining artificial intelligence with increased power and outstanding comfort.

Quicker Results

A worldwide unique design, the Apilus xCell uses a 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency. Since this frequency is up to 6 times faster than that of other hair removal devices, the Apilus xCell focuses the energy more intensely at the base of the hair, producing permanent results much more quickly on all hair types.

Increased Power

The Apilus xCell is 35% more powerful than the Apilus Junior 3G and 10% more powerful than the Apilus Platinum. This additional power provides a faster coagulation, and therefore a higher level of comfort and effectiveness.

Exceptional Comfort

Thanks to its 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency and exclusive techniques, the Apilus xCell offers an unparalleled level of comfort for permanent hair removal. In fact, the treatment is performed so quickly that the sensation is barely noticeable.

Mere thousandths of a second are enough to eliminate unwanted hair! By offering such a high level of comfort, the Apilus xCell has become the preferred solution for all body areas and types of clients, including the most sensitive ones!